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Chapter Three : Friends

Friends Hi there its me again. We are friends right? Are we? Hmmm... Let's talk about friends. Who are these creatures we call our friends? Friends are those people who don't judge you when you do some stupid stuff. They hang out with you. You can talk to them about some fucked up shit. They go crazy with you. They bring real you out. Friends are the   best things happened with us. They are gift from God. They take care of you. They help you to move on and everything. They will be there when your family is not, they become your brother, sister, mother, father when they need to or when you need them to be. But my experience is quite different. You know we have different types of friends bff, close friend, best friend, good friend, just friends, mean friends. Then there are some friends who become brother/sister [age 13] I had bffs (I thought they were). A guy who taught me how to smoke. Group of guys who were w
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Chapter two : Suffer

Hi there, i am still alive and writing. Last time we talked about who i am and reason. You know we suffer a lot every day you already know it. Duh! Everyone suffers in a way or the other. When we were kids we suffered talking, walking, eating and shiting every one do. I still suffer at those things *sometimes*. Ok let me tell you some short stories. (I am not blaming anyone) 1) An old man suffering from paralysis couldn't do things on his own, couldn't sit on his own, couldn't lay down couldn't eat couldn't walk without support and was not even able to talk properly. He was a guy who helped other people now he is left helpless. People around him doing things for him and yelling at him for his helplessness. It sucks to be him, I would rather die and so did he. He didn't die of his disease he died because of helplessness. 2) A poor married man with 2 kids suffered because his job sucked he didn't get paid well he worked hard tho still d

Chapter one:who am I and REASONS

Hi my name is... well you will find out who i am. maybe i am your loved one's you will find someone you know in me, maybe yourself? stick with me and i will tell you my story and why i did that. with some kind of ending, bad and sad for sure. Reasons are important in life they are useful but they can be hurtful.  reason to LOVE reason to TRUST reason to break that TRUST reason to eat or not to eat reason to sleep at night or stay awake reason to  LIVE reason to BETRAY and reason to  LEAVE list goes on and on there is no END. who am i and why i am writing this do i have any reason or propose i am doing it for someone or it's about me. do i know? I cant find answers yes ANSWERS there are lot of questions that can't be answered or it will destroy someone's life  or YOUR'S  we build huge walls of lies and think this wall can save us from world, other people and from your soul maybe that wall can save you from whole worl